I have control of my own life.

Ade’s Story

“The trust is like a second family

My name is Ade- I have Autism and a learning disability.

I have lived within Lisieux Trust since 2012

I share my home with 6 other people. One being my girlfriend.  I live in a nice big house I have a lovely bedroom, which I have all my favorite Rapper posters on the wall. I love to write my own raps.

My local community is very nice, and all local things are on my doorstep. I can also visit my family because they are all local to me.

My staff are nice, supportive and help me with things I need help with, I am very independent, and staff always encourage me to continue to be. I have a key worker and we have the same interests and hobbies, which is nice so we can do things together. My staff listen to me even when I am unhappy about things.

I have a work placement in the local community, I also attend Roots to Fruits which is gardening. I go to the local gym to swim and do long walks to keep me fit and healthy.

This year I had open heart surgery at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the hospital team were amazing. I got excellent care and I have recovered well.

My doctors can be good sometimes but not so good others-like communication when I came out of hospital- the hospital sent to the doctors my after-care plan, but they didn’t respond to it. We had to chase this.

Lisieux Trust is like a 2nd family, and I would not want to live anywhere else. I have control of my own life.

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