This is home and I feel really safe

Maura’s Story

I  moved into Francis House on the 20/03/2020 Before I lived at Falcon Lodge run by lifeways before moving to Francis House  before life ways lived with mum and dad.

When I lived at Lifeways- not very nice staff would not take her out, only time I got out was when my family took me out. The house was too small, I could bump into another person. most of the meals were microwaved. I had to be in my room for 8pm    staff slept there.

Never went on holiday or day trips  I did go to Ebrook, so this got me out. I would never want to live there again  some staff were nice some staff were not.

Moving into Francis was easy as I knew lots of the residents who lived here  was made very welcome   staff treated me well, they are very nice, they take me out I go on holiday  I can go to bed when I want there is always something to do and staff to support and it’s a big house  I get to choose what I like to eat we have three menus to choose from and I do some baking with the staff making cakes and last week I helped make turkey cottage pie with staff I also go out for meals and coffee with my friends we have cake as well  staff take me to the library I am now a member I get books with big print easy to read .I am also a member of the steering group at the trust and Ebrook centre . I ask the resident in our monthly meeting what they want me to say.

So, I can add to the Agenda  I am good at talking for others.

Our  doctor’s service is really good,  we can see them when we need to, they call the house every week.

I have a nice life at Francis and don’t want to move again have lots of friends. This is home and I feel really safe  I know if anything is bothering me, I can come and talk to staff or Manager who will listen to me and help me.

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