Mitchell Gatsby

Operations Project Manager

Mitchell joined Lisieux Trust in…

June 2022

The best way to describe what Mitchell does here at Lisieux Trust is….

He is the Operations Project Manager. He works alongside the Director of Operations & Registered Managers to ensure the Quality of the services we deliver are in line with regulation and uphold the core values of the trust.

A brief summary of Mitchell’s background is…

He has worked within social care settings for the past 12 years managing both Children’s Services and Registered Adults services. In addition to this he has a training & consultancy company that supports all social care infrastructure.

In her spare time, Mitchell loves to…

Spending time with his son and French Bulldogs (Fabio & Felicia). He loves to watch Disney Movies and travel the world.

Three things on Mitchell’s bucket list are…

Visit Sri Lanka

Have a Hot-air Balloon Ride

Have an overnight stay at the Savoy Hotel in London with afternoon tea.

Mitchell’s life motto is…

Be kind, be generous, and be your authentic self because you are good enough.

Mitchell Gatsby
Operations Project Manager

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